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Affordable Interlock Systems Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program

A Guide and Information for Queensland below

Queensland as well as every other state and territory across Australia has a mandated Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program (AIIP). Rather than display all the information here and have the potential to mislead you, we would rather provide you with the resources that link directly to the Queensland alcohol ignition interlock program. We have however provided a short guide below, but be sure to check the website in any case. If you have any questions at all please contact Affordable Interlock Systems support via our contact page.  

Things to Do Before You Can Drive

You will need to complete Steps 1, 2 and 3 before you can drive. 


Step 1 Disqualification Period

A. Wait for your licence disqualification period to end before you apply for your licence.

B.You may also need to complete the Plan.Drive.Survive. Foundations short drink driving course. 


Step 2 Apply for a Driver Licence with an Interlock Condition. 

A. Visit a customer service centre and apply for a licence with an interlock condition

B. You will need to pay an interlock condition fee and a licence application fee

C. For current fees go CLICK HERE


Step 3 Get an Interlock Installed.

A. This is the easy part, CLICK HERE and enter your details to the quotation form to get a price to have your interlock installed.

B. If the vehicle belongs to someone else please let Customer Support know and they will provide you with the necessary form  to get permission from the owner to install your interlock. 

C. The vehicle registration must be current.

D. You will be responsible for all costs. 


For more information on the Queensland Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program (AIIP) please visit TMR's website by CLICKING HERE