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Guides, Certificates, Form & Information for New South Wales below

Everything you need for the Alcohol Interlock Program in NSW


Just like every other state and territory across Australia, New South Wales has a compulsory Alcohol Interlock Program for certain drink-driving offenders — in order to combat drink-driving and reduce driving-related deaths in the state. 


By providing you with a central place to find resources and links to the New South Wales Mandated Alcohol Interlock Program (MAIP) website, Affordable Interlock Systems makes getting access to all the required documentation and information about the program easy.


Guides, certificates, forms and information for the NSW Alcohol Interlock Program


Find everything you need for participation in the Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program below: 

  • Alcohol Interlock Program Participant Guide — This is the complete document outlining the program. It’s essential that you read through the entire guide before beginning the program so that you know what to expect and what is required of you.
  • Alcohol Interlock Program Medical Consultation Certificate — Before entering the program, you are required to seek medical advice about your alcohol consumption and the potential health risks. Once your medical consultation is complete, you should leave the appointment with a signed medical certificate that allows you to begin the program.
  • Alcohol Interlock Installation Certificate — Another mandatory part of the Alcohol Interlock Program is to arrange an appointment with an accredited interlock service provider, such as Affordable Interlock Systems, and have an approved alcohol interlock device in NSW installed in your vehicle. Once we have finished installing one of our government-approved breathalyser devices in your vehicle, we will sign this certificate to prove that you have completed this step, so you can enter the program.
  • Alcohol Interlock Driver Licence Statement & Privacy Declaration — This document outlines the conditions of holding an interlock driver licence. You will be required to sign and complete this declaration along with the above documents to participate in the NSW Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program (MAIP).
  • Alcohol interlock program overview video — This video provides a short overview and summary of the Alcohol Interlock Program in NSW.
  • Additional information about the Alcohol Interlock Program in NSW — This page on the NSW website will explain everything you need to know about the program, including who is required to participate, the costs of the program and how to begin the process.

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Affordable Interlock Systems (AIS) is here to help Australians easily reinstate their driver's license after a drink-driving conviction — without being made to feel embarrassed or overwhelmed. We provide approved and accredited alcohol interlock devices in NSW that will help you get back to your normal daily life as soon as possible. Fill out our quotation form online to get a fast and affordable quote today.


We hope you’ll find everything you need on this page to easily and successfully complete the Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program in NSW. If you have any questions or you are unsure about the requirements for the program, please contact us online — a member from our team will be happy to help you.