Alcohol Interlock Program - NSW

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Affordable Interlock Systems Alcohol Interlock Program

Guides, Certificates, Form & Information for New South Wales below

New South Wales as well as every other state and territory across Australia has a mandated alcohol interlock program and rather than display all the information here and have the potential to mislead you, we would rather provide you with the resources that link directly to the New South Wales alcohol interlock program website. If however we think information is missing you will find it on this page. If you have any questions at all please Affordable Interlock Systems support via our contact page.  

New South Wales

Here are a few documents from the TfNSW Alcohol Interlock website. The NSW Program Participant Guide is the complete document that you may wish to download or below are some of the sections from it that you may find helpful.  


1. Alcohol Interlock Program (Participant Guide) ... Click Here

2. Alcohol Interlock Program (Medical Consultation Certificate) ... Click Here

3. Alcohol Interlock Program (Alcohol Interlock Installation Certificate) ... Click Here

4. Alcohol Interlock Program (Alcohol Interlock Driver Licence Statement & Privacy Declaration) ... Click Here

5. The following will take you directly to the TfNSW main webpage so you can look at all the additional information. Click Here


Here is an informative video from TfNSW which explains the complete process. Its recommend that you watch the video Click Here