Alcohol Interlock FAQ's

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Our breathalyzers operate within ± 5% accuracy for every breath test result.

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It is recommended that you calibrate your breathalyzer once every year. Please contact AIS for more information on calibration costs.

When a breathalyzer needs to be calibrated, contact AIS and we will provide you with the details. Once the calibration is complete, the device will be shipped back to you.

Yes, you have to use a mouthpiece for all of the breathalyzer units. It is not recommended to reuse mouthpieces due to hygiene and potential damage to internal components in the device. If you do use it more than once please make sure it's clean!

The readings displayed on the breathalyzer shows the BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) level of the breath sample.

Both terms are relevant to each other; however, some countries use BAC and some use BrAC.

Yes, depending on the temperature threshold of the device. Please consult the instruction manual for further information.

Store your device indoors, at room temperature when not in use. Ensure that the breathalyzer is not used/stored in extremely hot or cold environments or in direct light for prolonged periods of time. When stored inside it acts like an awesome car protection device!

If a breathalyzer is left in your vehicle, there is a chance that it might not work efficiently. Consult the instruction manual for further information.

Yes, there is a one-year warranty that is included when you purchase any breathalyzer that only covers factory defects. Damages caused by misuse or mishandling are the owner’s responsibility. If a device needs to be repaired outside of warranty, please ship it prepaid to a local service centre.

If your device is still within the one-year warranty, you can ship it prepaid to the nearest service centre for repair. The device will be repaired or replaced if a factory defect has been assessed. If the warranty has expired, we will assess the damage(s) and provide you with a quote.

Yes, you can extend the warranty for your personal breathalyzer by contacting Affordable Interlock Systems.

An alcohol interlock is an in-car alcohol breath screening device that prevents a vehicle from starting if it detects a breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) over a preset limit. An alcohol interlock is located inside the vehicle, and in most cases under the dash, and is connected to the engine's ignition system.

Alcohol interlock devices may be used in may settings. It is often used in different commercial settings, such as transport trucks, public transportation, school buses, and ships. Alcohol interlocks devices are also used in mandated alcohol interlock programs. More recently, private users are requesting to install these devices in their vehicles to protect familiy members and your drivers from poor decisions.

An ignition interlock consists of a handset to conduct breath alcohol tests with and relays messages to the driver and an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that is connected to the power and control circuits of the vehicle.

Before starting the vehicle, a driver must provide a breath sample, and within seconds the alcohol interlock device analyses the breath sample and displays instructions to the driver. If the driver's breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) is above a pre-set limit, the vehicle will not start. If the breath is below the threshold the vehicle can be started. Once the vehicle is started, the alcohol interlock device can be set to ask the driver to provide breath samples at random times while the engine is running; or set to ask the driver to provide only an initial test at startup.

At our Service Centres, we ensure that every installation goes smoothly and according to plan. Our trained technicians are certified and know exactly how to treat your vehicle. If, however, you experience difficulties with your ignition interlock, please contact us for assistance on 1-800-252-656

During normal operation, the device requests the driver to provide additional breath samples at fixed or random intervals to ensure that alcohol has not been consumed since starting the engine.

Our ignition interlock devices will never cause the vehicle engine to stop. The handset will beep to notify you of the retest request, and the timer will activate and give you sufficient time to stop in a safe location before providing a breath sample. We do not recommend performing a breath test while the vehicle is in motion.

We also install ignition alcohol interlocks on motorcycles, but certain modifications may apply.

Yes, an instruction manual is available for the ALCOLOCK LR Handset. Click here to download the manual.

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