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Contact AIS for expert alcohol interlock device installation in NSW and Queensland. We have a network of installers available who can fit your device and maintain the required servicing for you throughout the duration of your interlock period. Our friendly team are ready to assist with alcohol interlock installation in a number of locations. All you need to do is enter your postcode below and find the installation and service centre that is nearest to you.


Convenient locations for alcohol interlock installation

We offer numerous locations for the installation and servicing of your alcohol interlock device in NSW and Queensland, making the process as simple and convenient for you as possible. No matter where you are located, simply entering your postcode in our interactive map below will provide you with instant access to our network of installers for your alcohol interlock device in NSW and Queensland. Your alcohol interlock device installation will be a quick and easy process that is taken care of by an expert technician with all the required certificates provided.


A vast network of alcohol interlock installers in NSW & Queensland

Our alcohol interlock installers in NSW are committed to making your device installation as convenient as possible, which is why we have a network of technicians working across NSW and Queensland. With this extensive network, we aim to simplify the installation and service requirements relating to your alcohol interlock device in NSW and Queensland. We understand that going through the process of having an interlock can be hard enough, so we make our part of it as easy as possible. Don’t let your interlock become an overwhelming thing in your life — simply contact us to find the installer nearest to you and let our team lend the helping hand you need.


Complete service from AIS

Having to install an interlock is inconvenient enough, so let us take care of the details for you from purchasing your interlock device from our user-friendly website, to installing your interlock device plus servicing and maintenance requirements. Along with affordable pricing, our interlock devices are some of the best in Australia. Our expert team understands all the ins and outs of the alcohol interlock program in NSW and Queensland, so your installer can walk you through all the requirements. If you have any questions about your alcohol interlock device installation, check out our frequently asked questions page, which is packed full of additional information for you.


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