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Why Choose Alcohol Interlock Devices
from Affordable Interlock Systems?

Because it makes sense

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Government Accredited

Providing you with quality accuracy, reliability and peace of mind

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Speedy Installation

Installation & services performed by certified highly trained technicians.

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Affordable Pricing

Convenience and ease at affordable and competitive pricing.

With that big statement, welcome to Affordable Interlock Systems!

As the name implies our Alcohol interlock devices are affordable and as you well know it’s not always about the money (although that helps right!). It’s also about the convenience, the experience and the promise that when your personal, commercial or mandatory breathalyser interlock device is installed by professionals you know 100% you can rely on it and the people that support you.

Alcohol Interlock breathalyser

How It Works

Alcohol interlock Easy to Use, Easy to Install.

Lightweight and comfortable to hold, our interlock device is “BLOW ONLY” which means it’s stress-free and effortless. The interlock handset has been carefully engineered for ease of use. Providing a breath sample is simple and quick with clear instructions displayed.

Alcohol Interlock Pricing.

For accurate pricing please provide your vehicle details by clicking on the quote link below or select your state under the pricing tab in the main menu.  You can always contact us on 1800 252 656 for any assistance as we happy to help you.

Make An Appointment.

Simply confirm your preferred appointment date, bring your paperwork along (we will let you know what to bring). Roll-up, relax and let Affordable Interlock Systems make it easy for you. You will be trained how to use the Affordable Interlock  breathalyser device and be back on the road in no time.

The alcohol Interlock breathalyser Features

Affordable Interlock Systems Features

Your journey is what really matters.

We are here to make sure your Alcohol interlock experience, from getting started with the interlock program, Alcohol interlock breathalyser device installation and removal as well as everything in between is seamless. We understand what having a breathalyser Alcohol interlock system in your vehicle means so our promise is to make you feel good about the experience and help you keep on top  of what’s going on!

Supplier - AIS has partnered with the best

 To bring you the most easy to use and reliable Alcohol interlock on the market today. Alcohol Countermeasure Systems from Canada has been in the business of providing Alcohol interlocks to the global community for over 40 years. They offer lifesaving, innovative products and program services to safety conscious governments, forward thinking companies and individuals worldwide.  Countermeasure Systems know a thing or two about interlocks!

Installers, The best of the best

AIS has partnered with certified service centers to bring you the best installation solution and network possible. Our network includes many independent service centers as well as a partnership with UltraTune Australia . The AIS network provides enormous choice with regard to service centre locations across Australia. Each center is friendly, caring and highly trained in the installation of your Alcohol Interlock. 

What does the above mean for you?

You’ll be supported by 3 of the best companies in the Alcohol interlock business. We understand your situation and we want to assist you in making the right decision so that your journey is a pleasant experience, one that is easy to adhere to and affordable! Simply ask an Affordable Interlock Systems customer service representative today how to enrol in the program, make an install appointment and be back on the road in no time. Simply click on the link below to get started and we'll be in touch to fill in the gaps.